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Fists in Solidarity

And Reviews

Please check out some of the 5-star reviews for Parachute Consulting. We strive to offer the very best in professional coaching services for our clients.

Our 5-StarReviews

"Jennifer is always the first person to give you that extra nudge and motivation to achieve your goals. Working on a team with her has helped me with my business in so many ways. I have always struggled to be organized and keep a daily routine. Jennifer worked with me and we put together a routine that I actually enjoyed and have been able to stick with. She has helped guide me through a few tough negotiations that resulted in very happy clients and kept me motivated through some tough times in my business by keeping me focused and moving forward. She  is a business management powerhouse."

Stefanie Hunt

Stephen Lewis

“I’ve worked with many leaders, but some of the most valuable things I’ve learned have been from Jennifer Eby. Jennifer has many incredible attributes, among these are her astute recognition of the strengths of the people she works with. Because of this, she can get better results by knowing how one thinks and to a further extent, how to motivate them to be better based on this acquired knowledge. She helped me fulfill my potential in my current role because we would work through our combined strengths to meet our objectives. Another thing that Jennifer excels at, and one of my favorite things about her, is her strong moral compass. Jennifer’s strong values are exhibited in all that she does. When encountering a difficult situation, I could always look to her to provide guidance and leadership skills that aren’t common amongst many leaders today.”

Stephen Lewis.jpg

“Jennifer has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is a fearless leader who had a clear vision of where she wanted to go. Jennifer is a great listener that was able to teach and coach me in handling various situations in a professional yet problem-solving manner. She was very well-prepared in the subject of Business Management and was able to instruct me in how to best approach recruiters and handle difficult business contacts in a kind and courteous manner. She was very resourceful and helped me to become a better business Account Manager. She was a great mentor for me in putting herself in my shoes and truly taking the time to understand me and wanted me to excel in my role. She was very patient with me and was a great team player that increased my trust and support in her. I know that I can count on her and she will be there to help me. I knew always that she had my best interest at heart and wanted me to succeed.  She was a great communicator who inspired me to strive for bigger and better things as a business professional." 

Chelsea McPherran

Chelsea McPherran.jpg
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